How To Help

Many people have asked how they can help our family and/or support Grassroots Conspiracy. Here are some of the ways you can partner with and/or support our family:

  • If you are interested in helping to provide meals for our family some gracious people have set this up for us:
  • There are no upcoming events that I am aware of. I think we’ve been evented out! Thanks so much for the amazing string of fundraisers, prayer nights, and such that have happened over the previous two or three months. You people (all of you across the world included) are amazing. Thank you!
  • To setup monthly tax deductible donations that supports our work in leading Grassroots Conspiracy you can go here:
  • To send tax deductible money or checks that support our work in leading Grassroots Conspiracy you can mail a check writtesn to “Renovatus” and earmarked for Ryan Woods or Grassroots Conspiracy to PO Box 873575 Vancouver, WA 98687
  • To donate monies that go directly toward our medical expenses you can deposit money through any Columbia Credit Union bank via account number: 444289 (If you need it their mailing address is PO Box 324 vancouver, wa 98666)
  • Another way to donate monies that go directly to our medical expenses is to send money via paypal to
  • You can also simply send checks written to Jessica or I to our home address at 1912 C Street, Vancouver, WA 98663
Alternative Offerings:
  • A good friend of mine and an amazing artist Sarah is donating funds from her song “Trouble” to help our family. Visit her band website: – go to the “Sounds” page and set a price (donation) for the song “trouble” in order to participate.
  • Help us tell our story. Forward people to my blog, invite them to follow the posts concerning cancer, and invite people to sign up for our Downtown Dispatch.
  • You can also join the Facebook fan page that was setup for me. It is just another way to keep track of the fundraisers and events as they develop. The fan page can be found here:
I know I have just provided too many options and most likely convoluted things a bit! The reality however is that it all ends up in the same place regardless of what method you use. Especially if things are nearing the end as the doctors say that they are, the lines between medical expenses, special trips with the family, and part-time salary wages from the church are becoming more and more blurry.
Please feel free to contact me with questions if you need clarity or further information. Email is preferred:

63 thoughts on “How To Help

  1. Thanks Ryan… we all want to help and are sometimes feeling desperate to know how. This gives us something tangible to do.

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