My Last Days: The Movies Finaly Out

We’ve been talking about this for quite some time and, well, the movie is finally finished! It’s an exciting moment for my family and I as we are able to share a piece of our story, a piece of our journey with you. All along the way whether it was through this blog, through our speaking engagements, over cups of excellent Vancouver coffee, or in some other format we have made every attempt to share our story with you because we believe that something spectacular is happening. Despite the pain and misery of it all, despite the reality of whether I live or die, despite all these things we have made the conscious choice to be foolish enough to believe that a beautiful story is and can be told in this mess. And if I were to be perfectly honest, this beautiful story has become more and more difficult to own as it has become more and more painful to live out. (as a side note, to follow the story as it has unfolded you can see those blogs here) The more the pain has grown the less accessible the story has been to share with the general public. Regardless, thanks to the creative’s over at Soul Pancake our story is now being told in its most well done version. Oh the irony!

So please watch this (irony and all), pass this on to anyone and everyone you know. The goal is for this video to go viral not for its own sake but for the sake of the greater story being told: that there is life in death! That death is not the end! That there are more stories out there that need must be told! So share, re-post, blog about it, facebook it, tweet it, email it, do what it is you do with youtube videos and spread the word! Who knows? Maybe…just maybe…we can get something goin’ here! Maybe…just maybe…we can together start some kind of movement–one of love, of sharing, and of life.


Reflections on Worship: Video Blog 9-14-12

I recorded this while we were at the beach last week. It was the day before I got sick (Monday) and we had to drive all the way back into Vancouver to get treated (we were able to come back to the beach late Monday night and all day Tuesday though!). As I sat there watching my kids and wife play chicken with the oncoming waves I was, for some reason, caught up in remembering the worship songs I sang as a youth. I sat there by myself singing song after song…and then I started noticing a trend in the lyrics to those songs: they’re all remorseful type songs, they’re all about how grateful I am that Jesus loves me or saves me even though I suck. While this is a good message, I think it’s missing a bigger point…ok, ok, now I’m just stepping on my poorly filmed video’s point!

Hope you enjoy yet another videoing attempt by yours truly!


Chalk the Walk: Video Blog 8-22-12

Sorry for the poor quality of the video, but what’s being captured in it is absolutely beautiful. After a shooting rocked the downtown Vancouver Hough neighborhood a group of people decided to come together and ‘chalk the walk’ with messages of hope, life, and love in order to reclaim those streets. (I wrote about this on an earlier blog post)

It was a lot of fun being there–it just felt…hmm…it just felt right.


Arnada Community Meal: Video Blog

This is a quick snapshot of our weekly Arnada Community Meal that we host here at the Arnada House. It’s something that we’ve done here at the house nearly every week for about a year and a half. Pardon my shaky hands in this video…it can’t really be helped. And pardon my high pitched voice…turns out this is what I always sound like and nobody’s every really told me. And finally, pardon my apologies…people who apologize too much can be tedious to be around. Sorry.


Video Blog: Moving Day

(lets try this again. I just posted this video blog and it was…well it was kind of blank…my apologies)

Well my leg just ain’t working very well anymore so we’ve decided that it’s finally time to move my bedroom downstairs. So all you kids that have enjoyed that playroom…sorry! It’s not a full move (yet) because the thought of mom and dad sleeping downstairs away from the kids is pretty terrifying for India and Jones. So for now the hope is that I will only have to go up those stairs once a night to tuck my kids in and go to bed myself. Eventually the hope will be to fully move to the main floor, but for now it’ll come in transitions.

We are also giving each of the kids their own “special” rooms as they have been sharing for their entire lives.

Lots of change

And Falcor. (that’s why you’ve got to watch the video blog)