A New Downtown Dispatch

Keep me in your thoughts today as I go in for MRI’s. I’ll get the results back tomorrow.

On another topic…I think it’s worth your time to read this. My goal is to produce a Dispatch about once a month…I don’t always hit that mark. But I think it’s worth your time. Seriously I do. The Downtown Dispatches are an attempt to capture some of what is emerging in our downtown life as we  are facilitating the beginning of Grassroots Conspiracy.

You can read the March/April dispatch here ( or cut and paste this in your browser: http://su.pr/7ctoD9)

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January's Downtown Dispatch

I look forward to publishing these every month…though, if we were honest we’d know that they don’t come out monthly (shhhh, don’t tell anyone). If you don’t receive the email version you can sign up for it on the side bar on your right. Also you can always click the menu that says “Downtown Dispatches” at my blogs home page in order to read the Dispatches as far back January of 2009 (oh, how so much has changed!).

Without further adieu here is January’s Dispatch from Downtown. Read it, print it, highlight it, study it, put it on your fridge, pass it around to your coworkers (I’m sure that wouldn’t be weird right?), send it to your grandma, and forward an email on to seventeen friends (it’s not spam if its good right?).

You can read it here