Team Coco and Cynicism

I don’t watch any late night talk shows, but if I did it would be Conan. Watch this clip below and watch it till the end. His words on cynicism are excellent and timely. I, myself, have a very hard time not being cynical and am working hard on it (though, if you ask me I’d have to say I’m doing a terrible job of it and probably will give up on it soon*).


Last night I skipped out of Renovatus’ worship gathering in order to spend some time in Salem with the Soma community. It was wonderful. What a neat community with lots of younger people who are eager to follow Jesus in radical ways. Jess and I were blessed to be able to share with them some of what God has been doing in us and some of what our church planting plans are.

I could probably write more but I don’t want to. I’m going to enjoy today with my family. Tonight my sons school (2-5 year olds!) are puting on a Spring program. It is 100% created by the children. Each of them creates their own character and then together they write a story. Jones’ character is a red blood cell rock star. Needless to say it’s going to be a great night.

Bikini's and Nakedness

Can I write a post about bikinis? Is that legal as a minister and future church planter? Here’s the thing, I don’t want to spend time talking about whether or not its sinful for a woman to wear a bikini (or a man for that matter) ’cause my daughter’s not wearing one until she’s 83. So it’s kind of a moot point in my home.

Here’s the thing though, I am so glad that I am not a woman (for many reasons!) because I cannot imagine the vulnerability you’d feel while walking around three quarters naked in public. You’ve got virtually nothing to hide, it’s just your body and the world around. I’m sorry, but even without engaging in the whole purity and lust conversation we’ve got to at least admit that it’s a negative thing that in our culture a woman is supposed to swim in underwear (albeit a waterproof version) because it requires a vulnerability that is inapropriate for the common public sphere! In a way isn’t it kind of like if all of us in our society, in order to be ‘normal’, had to walk around with our thoughts and prayers from our private journals posted above our heads. As I play with my kids at the park the note that sits above my head reads “God, after losing my job I am terrified that I won’t be able to take care of my family.” while the mom pushing her son in the swing next to me has a note above her head that reads “my husband left me today”.

Ok, maybe that’s an extreme example, but the point is vulnerability. It sucks that we ask our women to experience that in public. I don’t control my wife, but she does know that I don’t want her to have to wear a skimpy swim suit in public because I know that she doesn’t enjoy it! It’s just so open, your whole body is so out there, it just makes you so…vulnerable.

Maybe this isn’t you. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about ’cause i’m a dude. But for all you other women out there…sorry. I won’t tease you if you swim in a bath robe.

My Movie

I’ve decided I’m going to write a movie. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, the idea came to me in the shower this morning and I just can’t seem to shake it. When something hits your brain this hard you know its from God or from somewhere else. Ok, picture this, it’s a sci fi futuristic thriller where you can never exactly tell what’s a dream and what’s reality. So are you ready for the name and the tag line?



Sometimes you can’t really tell the difference between a nightmare and reality. And when your nightmare becomes reality it really scares you like a really bad nightmare. Welcome to NightScape.

Limb Stepping

This is scary but I’m doing it anyway. If you’ll notice I’ve got a new widget on the side of my blog that lists my most commented on blog posts in history. You’ll then notice that the top one has 107 comments. Back then there were more people I knew blogging. Back then there were more people commenting. These days comments are few and far between.

What’s that? What’s that I hear? Is that a challenge?

You’re on. You’re on like applesauce.

Lets see if we can break the odds, lets see if we can break 107. Is that possible? I realize I’m asking a lot. But the challenge has been made. I realize I’m asking us all to sacrifice. So lets make it easy, here are some suggestions, some ways that I think we can make it happen and also a few rules:

  • Just give a shout out- Tell me you’re there if you’ve never commented before
  • One idea is to follow suit of a status update from facebook and start a story by writing one line that the next commenter then adds to
  • Don’t comment 107 times in a row please, that would cheapen it a little bit
  • Share the love and invite a friend or two to help me reach this goal
  • Say whatever you want and just have fun with it…I know I will.

Oh, and one last thing…if I don’t get my comments I will be humiliated in front of all my friends.