Gardening Delights


Sunday– fresh picked blackberries from the field behind our house translated into homemade blackberry soda.

Monday– for dinner we ate a salad with lettuce from our garden. It was toped with yellow carrots and yellow tomatoes from our garden. The side dish was sautéed potatoes (dug up that morning from a local farm), yellow squash from our garden, fresh garlic (dug up that morning), purple bush beans from our garden (that strangely turn green when you cook them), and onions from the farm.

Tuesday– for breakfast we ate gluten free blackberry pancakes topped with maple syrup that was sucked from a maple tree in Virginia this morning…ok, that’s not true.

Tomorrow…who knows what the garden will bring!

Garden, Backyard, and Burning my Face Off

Just some more updates about our garden, our backyard, and a fire that nearly burnt my face off. You can click on the images to enlarge (some facebookers might not be able to view image. If so, go to

Garden Gloating

I’m not much of a gardener…I kill half of what I start. But, I will be proud of the current state of our garden! I wish I wasn’t so lazy, because otherwise I would walk outside and take some pictures of our other three garden boxes. But below you can see one of our garden boxes, and one of our early harvests from about two weeks ago. That harvest (pictured on the table) includes kale, chard, lettuce, and oregano. Not pictured are the sugar snap peas, snow peas, and mint/lemon balm that are growing out of our ears!

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