Cancer Blogs…

Below are a majority of the blogs I have written that capture my journey of fighting cancer. They are listed chronologically and I have highlighted in bold the blog posts that capture the more significant moments.

The Beginning of the Story (May, 2011)

Awkward Emotions Before the Surgery

Last Thoughts Before Surgery

Rehab (June, 2011)

The Role of Community in the Story

Report from the Hospital

Initial Test Results

Looking for a Cause

My Son’s Good News

The Struggle of Waiting

The Pathology Reports

Thoughts on death and healing

Good news: Clean MRI

Goodbye Glioblastoma (July, 2011)

Why Steroids are Bad

Blood Clots!

The Good, the Bad, and What’s Next (August, 2011)

Random Update

Top 15 Things I’ve Learned

99 people I’ve got to say thanks to (September, 2011)

What is Recovery?

Those Wonderful MRIs

Discovering Artifacts in my Brain

Chemo Round Two (October, 2011)

Some Cannot Handle Cancer

Surprising Stories I Never Thought I’d Have

Radiation Explained

The Monotony of Normal (November, 2011)

Cancer is Like Being Pregnant (one of my favorite blog posts!)

Worse than Death (December, 2011)

Wounded Healers

December’s Update

How our Needs are Met (January, 2012)

Amulets and Charms

Healthy Ryan vs. Sick Ryan

My Story in 800 words or less

General Update

Choosing to Hope

Hope in the Face of New Tumors (February, 2012)

How we deal with crisis

You said I’m dying?

What Sick People Don’t Tell You

Caught off Guard

Missing the Hospital (March 2012)

Parenting Through Cancer

Preparing for MRI’s (April, 2012)

“Daddy I don’t want to die”

Remembering reports, results, and everything in-between

New Terrible Test Results

Talking to the kids about death

An update before Disneyland(!)

How to create dying memories

Three months and counting

The Hero’s Journey

Blaming God for Cancer

Exponential Conference Video

It’s Not About the Money

Touched by an Angel (May, 2012)

New Cars and Death

Whose Story is This?

Video: My Story

Finally! Good Test Results (June, 2012)

Affirming the Awkwardness

Do I Want to Die?

Article About What I Wish I Were Told About Cancer

Learning to Receive (July, 2012)

Random Medical Update

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  1. The cancer blogs was really awesome to see. As I had a friend who had cancer once and recovered later he wasn’t been able to recover from the reality of being a cancer patient once. I think these links would be really inspirational to people who are suffering from cancer and returning to life.

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