Finally Some Good News

I didn’t pick up on it ’till Saturday, and as it turns out I was the last one to realize. Did you pick up on it? Did you realize that at every step along the way, at any point where we’ve had to wait for results it has been the worst results possible!? I had no idea! Crap!

Lets think about this–Four months ago I had drop foot. Was it a pinched nerve? Nope, it was a tumor. Was it a simple tumor? Nope it was in the middle of my spinal cord. Need not worry though ’cause it’s just an encapsulated little guy in a nice little shell…except that it wasn’t! It had fingers spreading into my spinal cord and it could not be completely removed. But don’t worry ’cause it looks like a low grade benign tumor…or is it…And so it’s gone.

It was about five minutes before surgery when the nurse who was prepping me said “This must be scary, I hope that the results are good” My response was “What?! We already know what we’re working with here don’t we? I think that maybe I’ve been viewing all this through rose colored glasses!”

Some things never change. I like my rose colored glasses and I’m going to continue to wear them.

Today, however, we were given our very first piece of positive news: at this point the cancer has not spread or grown and does not exist anywhere else in my body! For a cancer that originates in the spine only a tiny percent of the time it was welcome news to know that its not in my brain. It was wonderful to know that the pieces of my tumor leftover from the surgery have not grown.

It feels nice to get some good news. Things can change at any moment (the nature of a glioblastoma cancer) but for now I just got my first piece of good medical news* and I’m going to take a deep breath, eat a large salad, and enjoy this moment.


*There’s been lots of good news along the way. Not always medical news, but definitely good news. I’ve written about it here, here, and I’d even suggest here.

11 thoughts on “Finally Some Good News

  1. Praise the Lord!!! Ryan that is great news! **SIGH** We will certainly continue our prayers on your behalf, but that sounds so good, you go enjoy that big salad, with all the gusto you've got in you!!

  2. Wow. I am SO happy for you Ryan, and your family. You SO deserve some good news, and I guess we all know who the credit goes to for that : ) . You will continue to be in our prayers, and thoughts !

  3. Ryan,
    I am sooo happy for your good news!!!! I'll be praying for more to come. I would also like to mention that I love the "rose colored glasses". Keep wearin them :-)

  4. Ryan, thanks to the Living God for your life bubbling over, no matter what. AND…those rose-colored glasses are aka grace, through which we view ourselves, each other, our circumstances, our failures, our hope. Emmanuel!

  5. Good news are always great for all the people we can remain fit and successful with the help of good news. Families become happy and successful with the help of good news and also from the other important things.

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