Blogging, or something like it…

I have detested blogging all my life, well, as long as blogging has been blogging. My frustration is two fold. 1) the idea of creating a web site that was solely dedicated to ones musings, thoughts, ideas, etc seemed somewhat arrogant. Are we all writers? Are we all capable of carrying the weight of a bloc site all on our shoulders? 2) My wife is allergic to gluten. Do you understand what this means? That means no wheat, oats, rye, barley, etc. Do you know what that includes? Dark sodas (coke, DP, Pepsi, etc), most soups, pasta, pizza, any type of bread, breaded items, stuffing, beer, vodka, and other horrible and atrocious things.
And so, it is because of those two reasons that I have avoided blogging all my life.
The change has come recently. The change within my heart happened when I found out that it is extremely cool to have a bloc site. Now that is something I can get around.
Now, I realize that this first bloc is nothing special, it us but a prelude to the real show. So get ready, ’cause the roller coaster is about to begin (I heard that line in a movie. I don’t think it really works well here). Or as the line from The Lion King makes clear, “Can you feel the love tonight?”

3 thoughts on “Blogging, or something like it…

  1. I think your blog is really amazing. except for the whole … you know… thing. I have decided that as to better support my friend(s husband) I shall make many comments in order to validate your feelings… as soon as I get home…

  2. Let me just say that of the many people I know and don't know who have blogs, you are completely worthy, in my opinion. There is plenty of wit and straight entertainment for us all and I'm glad you made the jump into the world of cool people. Congrats, my brother. Single tear…This is from Jen, not Ben. I'm not up for making my own blogger account right now. I've got toilets to scrub and bums to wipe… Toys to pick up and clothes to wash… It never ends… Not for a minute..

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